Terms of use

General terms and conditions:

It is essential to know the terms under which the rental of a car from Tracer Car Rentals will take place. We assure you that our fleet is made up of new vehicles and adequately maintained to ensure you have the best tour of the island. 

The vehicle must not be used:

a) Τow other vehicles or objects, b) Οn bad roads or off-road, c) When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, d) To rent to any third party, e) To transport hazardous or flammable objects, f) To carry more people than the number indicated on the license. If the vehicle is used against the terms of the contract, the company has the right to cease this contract’s validity without any prior notice.

24% VAT included in the final price.

Accidents: In the event of accident (collision, fire, theft, etc.) the customer must notify the car rental company immediately, then a) the police, b) look for the accident information and testimonials, c) write and sign a full report on the accident, and d) not accept any third party claims. This should be done within 24 hours of the accident.

Vehicle Condition: The vehicle is delivered to the customer in good condition and free of visible defects. Any complaints must be submitted before the departure of the vehicle. If the customer wishes to extend the rental time, they must contact the company 48 hours before the expiration of this contract. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of the daily rate. During the rental period, the customer is obliged to check the mechanical condition (oil, water) and to protect the car and the condition of the tyres.

Kilometres: At the rental price of the car, you have the right to make as many kilometres as you want, without any extra charge.

Age of Driver: The age limit is 21 years, and the driver must have a valid driving license for at least one year. The same applies to the other drivers listed in the contract. Otherwise, please contact Tracer Car Rentals.

Services offered: Tracer Car Rentals provides you with children's seats of all sizes for the safe transport of your family. It also provides, in case you want, GPS, in 15 different languages ​​and a WiFi system that connects to your car and runs at 4G speeds so that you are connected to the Internet during your vacation.

Key Loss: If the key is lost, the charge is 150 euro.

Loss of GPS – WiFi: In case of loss of GPS or WiFi, the charge is 100 euro.

Geographical Restrictions: The delivery and return of our company's cars can take place at any airport, harbour, hotel in Crete. Tracer Car Rentals' cars cannot be transported outside Crete without the written consent of the company.

Reservations & Last Minute Reservations: In case you want to make a last-minute booking you can contact us to inform you about availability at our office 00306979091339, 24h information service. The company reserves the right, if availability allows, to provide a different type of car to the original booking of a corresponding, or of higher category.

Cancellation Policy: In case you cancel your order up to 10 days prior to picking up the vehicle, there is no charge. If cancelled up to 10 days before the date of arrival, 100% of the amount of your reservation will be charged. No money will be refunded in case of a change of your original booking.

Fuel Policy: The vehicle should be returned with the same fuel delivered. This information will be included in the rental contract. Otherwise, there will be a charge based on the current fuel price.

Driver to the airport: A member of the company's staff will wait for you at the arrivals to drive you to the car. It is essential not to forget your identity card and driving license. If there is any problem, please contact us at 00306979091339, 24h information service.

Fines: The driving of the hired vehicle must be carried out following the Greek Traffic Law (illegal parking, speed limits, etc.) as applicable each time. Otherwise, the customer is held liable for causing problems concerning road safety and fines for unlawful parking, speed limits, etc..

Return of a Car: If there is a delay in returning the car at the time indicated on the rental contract, it is advisable to inform the company. After 1 hour delay, the charge is 7 euro per hour, which you are required to pay.

Personal Belongings: The car hire company cannot be held responsible for the customer’s losing any personal belongings either left or abandoned on board.

Payment methods: Tracer Car Rentals accepts payments via credit or debit card Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Paypal.


Zero damage waiver from a collision: The customer is insured for the vehicle damaged by accident.

Theft insurance: The customer is insured in case of theft unless the theft arises due to negligence. Any insurance does not cover stolen objects inside the car (e.g . cameras, travel bags or mobile phones).

Accident insurance: Personal accident insurance covers the driver and his passengers in the event of an accident

Third-Party Liability: In the event of an accident, there is coverage of up to 1,000,000 euro for people. Coverage applies to property or animals.

Vehicle damage without an accident: In the event of damage to the car due to off-road driving, water, sand, the customer is liable to pay for the cost. Also, if the renter does not tie the vehicle's parking brake, any damage to the vehicle will be paid by him.

Tyre Damages: In the case of tyre damage, there is no insurance coverage, and the customer must repair it always in agreement with the company.

Vehicle interior: The customer will pay any damage inside the car.

In the event of an accident, your vehicle will be replaced by a vehicle of the same or higher category within 24 hours.

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